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There are 2 major groups of wheelchair to consider when looking for the right chair to suit you. These are Wheelchairs and Powerchairs.

There are generally two main types – attendant propelled (transit chair) and self propelled. Self propelled chairs are the type with the larger wheels, enabling the user to manoeuvre around without having to be totally reliant on others like the attendant propelled are designed to be.

There are lots of things to remember when choosing a wheelchair either for your own use or on behalf of someone else.

Comfort of course is paramount -- especially if the user is sat in the chair for a prolonged period of time. Everyone is individual so what one person finds comfortable may not suit another.

Other things to take into account when purchasing a wheelchair: Will you need to transport the chair in a car? Will it fit into your car boot? Who will have to lift it into the car? How often will it be used and where will it be used?

Power chairs
There are a multitude of power chairs available with many differing options. Each powerchair is built to cater for your individual requirements and there is a lot of variation in what the different models can offer. You will rarely find any two power chairs built to the same specifications because of the multitude of different bolt ons and customisations that are available and the varying needs of powerchair users..
As there are lots of things to think about when buying a power chair, especially if it’s your first time, you will find the best way to go about the purchase of a power chair is to make a list of your requirements then speak to one of our friendly experienced sales team who can talk you through the options, go through anything you may have not
considered and demonstrate the models of interest to you.


If you want more information on the specific models of wheelchairs we at Indy can offer, or for information on the different customisations that are available or might be required, you will find a limited selection of wheelchairs here and powerchairs here on our shop site or you can phone us on 01386 443857 and talk to us about your needs.