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Types of Walking Sticks

Picking the right type of walking stick for a user can be a confusing task, with so many different designs, styles and materials available today. The main types are:

Wooden Walking Sticks

There is a wide range of wooden walking sticks and are available with a wide range of handle options. All wooden walking sticks should be cut to the correct height for the user.

Metal Walking Sticks

Metal walking sticks are generally stronger than wooden walking sticks and are available as either fixed height or height adjustable.

Carbon Fibre Walking Sticks

These are extremely strong and virtually unbreakable or bendable. They can either be fixed height and cut down to the correct height, or are available as height adjustable.

Folding Walking Sticks

Lightweight metal walking sticks with sectioned metal shafts. They can be folded for easy storage. The shafts are connected by strong elastic which runs through each of the shafts to ensure that it is stable when in its open position.

Telescopic Walking Sticks

Available in either aluminium, carbon fibre or steel, and are height adjustable with a variety of different handle types.

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