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Handy and supportive product to aid walking.

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Choosing a Walking Stick

Here are some key considerations to bear in mind when selecting the most appropriate, affordable and accessible walking stick.


It is very important that the walking stick is used at the correct height for the individual. Should the height of the stick be incorrect, the benefit and support for the user will be compromised.

To measure for the correct height, ensure that the intended user is standing in their usual footwear of choice with their hands at their sides. The measurement should be taken from between the floor to their wrist bone.

Walking Stick Handles

There are a variety of different handles available for walking sticks, including:

Anatomic handles

These are anatomically-shaped handles to fit the shape of the hand allowing the pressure to be more evenly spread across the palm of the hand, improving comfort and grip. These are ideal for those with painful, weak hands.

Available generally with either a moulded plastic or wooden handle with either a metal or wooden shaft.

Crook handles

Less comfortable than an anatomical handle but can be hooked over the arm or chair back when not in use. Generally wooden handle walking sticks.

Right angled handled

More comfortable than a crook handle, and generally ridged on the underside of the handle in line with the placement of fingers.

Swan Neck Handles

Generally offset above the stick to allow for the person's weight to be evenly spread centrally.

Derby Handle

A good compromise between a crook handle and the right-angled handle. This can also be hung over the arm or chair when not in use.

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