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Thunderbirds!... Are Slow?



Those of you with keen eyes and a good sense of humour might have noticed this scooter knocking about in the national press just prior to christmas. What you might not have noticed, unless you were looking for it, was the Indy Enabled Living logo lurking next to the FAB and proudly emblazoned elsewhere on the scooter.

This mad cap mobility scooter, the brainchild of Brian Vann, one of our customers and a thoroughly lovely man, is an homage to the pink Rolls Royce car of Lady Penelope for the popular childrens (and lets face it most adults too) TV series 'The Thunderbirds'. Showing a particular attention to detail brian even included a silver Barbie doll as a nod to the iconic motif of the orignal.


ThunderbirdsWhat you might also not have noticed is what's under the hood. Far from the polished chrome and petrol driven fury of the original Rolls Royce engine this Roller runs on more environmentally friendly battery power supplied by a Handicare Trophy.

Unlike the Lady penelope the Trophy electric mobility scooter itself is less likely to make people stop and stare but that's not a bad thing. With an excellent battery range and well designed steering wheel the Handicare Trophy is one of the newer precision built mobility scooters that are the benchmark for quality in the mobility industry.

Along with Kymco mobility, who originally made parts for Honda but who have since moved into making their own range of mobility products, Handicare is one of the top end manufacturers of Mobility products who put in the care and attention that is often lacking in the mobility sector. These carefully designed and well tooled products are raising the game in a market where manufacturers have often leant towards a quantity over quality 'stack them high and sell them cheap approach'.

Batmobile-ScooterOf course Lady Penelope wasn't the first project brian has set his hand to. Before Thunderbirds Brian had a crack at another TV classic. The Batmobile mobility scooter was another scooter we were proud to support. There's something just so heartwarming about seeing a man in a batmobile scooter riding his scooter down the high street grinning broadly and sharing that glee with everyone he drives past.

For more information on electric mobility scooters take a look at the range of scooters on We don't actually sell our scooters online as we believe in finding the right scooter for the right person and like to know that all our customers will end up with the scooter that is most comfortable for them and which they can feel safest on.