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A Tour Round Our Test Track


Mobility scooter test track features

Well, we've talked a big game about our test track so far so it's about time we gave you a sneak peek at the track itself. It's amazing how many people seel scooters without offering their future users any kind of testing. Most people wouldn't buy a car without first finding out how it performed on the open road, so why should a mobility scooter be any different?

Giving our users a chace to feel comfortable on their new mobility scooter and making sure the one they are looking to buy is suitable to their needs is important to us. This is why the test track has always been a feature of the Indy retail model.

Mobility scooter Test Track

The obstacles

The purpose of the Indy test track is to make sure that you can deal with the everyday obstacles that you are likely to need to drive your scooter accross.

Cobble StonesMobility scooter test track

You find these a lot in converted city centres and when you know how to deal with them they are easily managed. For new users though the shaking can be disconcerting and can cause the batteries to jump and lose contact making you stop momentarily.


Mobility Scooter test track pavingUneven Paving

It's a menace when you are on foot but it can also be a hazard when riding on your scooter. Learning how to keep your scooter on the straight and narrow while driving on poorly maintained paving is a very important scooter skill.


Blister PavingMobility Scooter Test Track traffic light paving

Blister paving, the paving around traffic lights, is tricky to drive your scooter over. Your scooter will shake a lot an if you are not careful that can cause you to veer, especially if you are driving a little faster than you should be trying to catch the light before it changes.


Mobility scooter test track kerbsSteep Kerbs

Our test track features a steep kerb for demonstration purposes. Next to a narrow sloped pavement it's there to teach users to go slow and keep their scooter straight when the path is leading them towards a more sideways driving line.


mobility scooter test track gravel trapGravel Trap

Gravel is actually the most difficult surface to drive accross in our entire test track. It's quite a challenge to even make it across as the mobility scooter sinks into the gravel and the wheels lose purchase.



If you want more information on the specific models of mobility scooter we at Indy can offer, or for information on booking your scooter in for a service, you will find a limited selection here on our shop site or you can phone us on 0845 0716233 and talk to us about your needs.