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Electric mobility Scooters


Indy’s Policy on Selling mobility scooters:

Indy is subscribed to the BHTA code of practice. If you haven’t heard of the BHTA (and don’t worry not everyone has) then BHTA stands for British Healthcare Trades Association.

The BHTA code of practice is an Office of Fair Trading approved scheme whereby traders sign up for a voluntary code of practice to ensure that their customers get a fair deal. It’s a good scheme and one that we at Indy take very seriously. We signed up for the code of practice early on as it’s part of our own ethic to try and match the best and most responsible product to each customer instead of simply selling off whatever we have lying around to suit our own needs.

When it comes to selling mobility scooters the code is pretty specific.
“8.16 In particular, tuition in the control of mobility vehicles should be given at the time of purchase and/or on delivery.  Tuition levels will vary according to:
• the user’s abilities and experience
• the type of vehicle
• the circumstances of use
• the kind of attendant support expected
Tuition should follow a proper assessment of needs, wishes, abilities and disabilities to enable selection of the most suitable vehicle and specification for user and  circumstances.  A vehicle should only be sold if the member can realistically expect the user to develop satisfactory control.”

This code of practice is only part of why we don’t sell scooters online though. It’s all about safety. At Indy we like to be sure that the person we are selling a scooter to is capable of driving it safely; not only for their own good but for the good of everyone they might encounter on their travels.

That’s why, when you buy a scooter from Indy: we’ll explain the best way to control and drive your scooter safely, take you on a test drive around our custom built test track, and make sure that the scooter you buy is the right one for your abilities and not the right one for our bottom line.

You can read the full BHTA code of conduct by clicking on this link...

If you want more information on the specific models of mobility scooter we at Indy can offer, you will find a limited selection here on our shop site or you can phone us on 0845 0716233 and talk to us about your needs.