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Mobility Scooter User Manuals

One of the most frequent requests we get from our scooter owners is for copies of their scooters user manuals. It's an easy thing to lose and something you probably won't use very often. When you do need it though it's usually urgent and it's for that reason that we'll be sharing digital copies of user manauls as an when we get hold of them.

Scooter Manuals for Download


Please click the following links for a copy of your user manual. If your scooter is not on the list please feel free to call us on 0845 0716233 or email us on to see if we have a copy that we just haven't uploaded yet.


  • RMA Cadiz User Manual
  • RMA Cameo User Manual
  • RMA Paris User Manual    

  • RMA Sorrento User Manual
  • Sterling Sapphire 2 User Manual
  • Sterling Elite XS User Manual
  • Pride Jazzy 1120-2000 User Manual
  • Mercury Prism User Manual
  • Handicare Trophy User Manual
  • Handicare Fortress Calypso User Manual
  • Handicare Winner User Manual


    If you want more information on the specific models of mobility scooter we at Indy can offer, or for information on booking your scooter in for a service, you will find a limited selection here on our shop site or you can phone us on 0845 0716233 and talk to us about your needs.