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Electric mobility Scooters


Scooter Maintenance

As with a car, maintaining your scooter is essential for preserving it’s performance and keeping it safe. In order to help you with keeping your scooter safe and performing well we’ve put together a quick guide to basic scooter maintenance.


Part of being safe on the road is planning ahead. In order to be able to plan ahead for your journey you need to know how far you are going to be able travel before you need to turn back so you don’t run out of charge and end up stranded. All mobility scooters will come with a guideline for how much range they will get out of their batteries but this will only apply if you keep them properly charged. In order to get the most out of your batteries Indy recommends that you charge your batteries for at least 12 hours when you first receive it and keep them fully charged throughout their life in order to prolong their longevity. Obviously it goes without saying that eventually they will get tired so we also recommend that once a year you get them checked out by a professional in order to make sure that they are charging properly.

Most electric mobility scooters come equipped with an inertia system of braking so they will come naturally to a halt when you ease off on the power. Before you set off on a journey you do however still need to test that they are working. The first thing you need to check is that your scooter isn’t set to freewheel. On most scooters there is a lever around the rear wheel which sets the scooter into freewheel mode. Freewheel mode allows you to move the scooter around easily without power but also means that the scooter won’t be able to stop. As a safety feature most scooters won’t actually let you start when freewheel mode is engaged but it’s worth checking anyway. Once you’ve made sure the scooter is properly set up try your scooter out to make sure it is stopping correctly before setting out on your journey. As with batteries we also recommend that you get your brakes serviced once a year by a professional in order to make sure that they are working correctly.

The seat

Most electric mobility scooters on the market will come with some form of detachable seat. Obviously for safety purposes you don’t want the seat to come loose while you are riding it so before setting off we recommend that you give it a firm waggle every time you use it to make sure that it’s properly attached before you take it out and about.


Like care tyres mobility scooter tyres are subject to the usual wear and tear. As with car tyres as well it stands to reason that a worn tyre will be less good at stopping than a new tyre. Because of this we recommend that you keep a close eye on your tyres making sure to check for flat tyres as well as keeping an eye on the tread level to make sure that your tyres are in the best possible condition for keeping you safe on the road. You should also get them looked at periodically by an expert to make sure there is nothing you have missed.


An obvious point perhaps, but often one that people don’t consider, is that you need to remember that your scooter is a valuable item which some people will want to steal. In order to make sure that you always have a scooter to return to we recommend that you remove your keys whenever you leave your scooter to keep it secure. It’s also well worth leaving a spare set of keys with a family member or a friend for any emergencies where you accidentally lose your own set of keys and find yourself stranded.

Try it out first

You might think that because you have driven a car that your will easily be able to drive a mobility scooter but it doesn’t necessarily follow as the two use a very different set of skills, it’s more difficult than you think. When buying a new scooter we recommend that you always try it out first. Insist on a test drive and make sure that your take it over a variety of surfaces that you are likely to encounter when you use I to make sure that you are going to feel comfortable and secure using it for what you need it to do.

Road safety

If you have a class 3 mobility scooter that you can use on the road then remember that there are a number of things you should do to keep yourself safe: Wear high visibility clothing to make yourselves obvious to other road users. Always remember to indicate when making a turn and try to keep as far left as possible to make it safer for cars and lorries to easily over take you. If you have a class 2 mobility scooter (such as a 4mph mobility scooter for example) then you need to remember that you are only allowed to use the road in order to cross it and when there is no pavement and should not ride along the road for any other purpose.

Look out for pedestrians

Your scooter might seem harmless but between the weight of the unit and your own weight, however sleight of frame, the total presents a significant threat to pedestrians. In order to keep yourself and everyone around you safe we recommend that you keep your speed as low as possible to give you as much time as you need to avoid collisions. If you are not sure that you can safely negotiate a gap without clipping someone you should always stop and wait or use your horn to make sure that other people are aware of you. If you do accidentally bump someone you should always stop to make sure that they are well as people have been know to get serious injuries after being knocked down by scooters.

Get yourself checked out

As with everything a mobility scooter is only as safe as the person that is driving it. This means you need to have regular check-ups from your doctor to make sure that your eyesight is sufficient to drive a scooter and that you have enough dexterity in your hands to properly work all of the controls on your mobility scooter. If you don’t feel like you are in full control of your scooter have a good think about whether or not it is safe for you to take it out in public where someone other than yourself might get hurt. It’s a big risk to take with your own health but an even bigger risk to take with someone else’s health.

If you want more information on the specific models of mobility scooter we at Indy can offer, or for information on booking your scooter in for a service, you will find a limited selection here on our shop site or you can phone us on 0845 0716233 and talk to us about your needs.