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Electric mobility Scooters


Electric mobility scooter features

Before buying an electric mobility scooter it's worth considering the different types of scooters and working out which one is best suited to your own specific needs.
As with buying a car there are a multitude of different mobility scooters all designed with a specific purpose in mind. Within the mobility market you will find everything from the basic A to B scooters to the high performance 'take you anywhere' scooters and it goes without saying that not every scooter is going to be right for every person.
In order to help you select the right scooter for you we've put together a quick guide to the different types of mobility scooter to help you understand the benefits of each.

8mph mobility scooters
At the bigger end of the mobility scooter market the 8mph scooter, also known as a class 3 scooter,  is primarily designed for people who want to use their scooter for longer distances or who need to use their scooter on the road. Most 8mph scooters will also include a 4mph setting for use in town centres or pedestrian areas. 8Mph scooters usually feature a longer battery range to allow you to travel further on a single charge. In effect the 8mph scooter is an all rounder for outside use.  Class 3 scooters generally have a range of about 20-30 miles on a full charge and a maximum user weight of between 30-35 stones. It's worth noting that in order to travel on the road these scooters are subject to a number of regulations <link to safety page here>.

4mph mobility scooters
4mph mobility scooters have the advantage over the 8mph scooter of being smaller and more manageable. Their smaller size is also an advantage for navigating crowded spaces such as shopping centres and the slower speed makes them much easier to control. Unlike the larger 8mph scooters however they are only permitted to use the road in order to cross it. This has the effect of making them subject to fewer regulations but also limits what you will be able to use them for. They also often have a lower battery range which also serves to limit their use to more everyday tasks than extravagant expeditions. 4mph scooters usually have a range of between 8-20 miles and a maximum user weight of 20-25 stones.

All terrain mobility scooters
All terrain mobility scooters are usually 8mph scooters which have been designed to be more rugged in order to allow you to use them in an off road capacity. This off road ability makes them ideal for those who want a more active lifestyle or simply for those who like a bigger vehicle in order to feel more safe. As with the 8mph electric mobility scooters these scooters can be tricky to handle and their larger size makes them less than ideal in crowded spaces. Also Like the 8mph scooters they will be subject to a number of regulations.

Boot scooter mobility scooters
These cleverly-designed mobility scooters are 4mph scooters which are designed to fit easily into a car boot, either through minor disassembly or by simply being collapsible. As a result of this boot scooters are amongst the smallest and most easily controlled of electric mobility scooters. The trade off here is that boot scooters often have a low weight limit and are not suitable for larger users. They also often have a lower battery range. For those who plan to use their scooter only for short trips out, shopping for example, the boot scooter might prove ideal. Boot scooters generally have a short range of between 10-15 miles on a full charge and a maximum user weight of only 20 stones.

Three wheeled mobility scooters

Three wheel mobility scooters have several advantages over their more common four wheeled counterparts. The three wheels mean that they can for example turn in a tighter circle and leave more space for users with longer legs or limited knee flexion. They are also generally smaller than the four wheeled variety making them more suitable for indoor use. There is a cost to this flexibility in that the 3 wheel scooter has a tendency to be the least stable of all electric mobility scooters. On cornering the 3 wheels often make it feel likely to topple over and can be disconcerting even at low speeds.

If you want more information on the specific models of mobility scooter we at Indy can offer, or for information on booking your scooter in for a service, you will find a limited selection here on our shop site or you can phone us on 0845 0716233 and talk to us about your needs.