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Types Of Mobility Beds

Important Considerations

  1. Function / type of mobility bed
  2. Location of sockets / power if electrical mobility bed is required
  3. Location and space in proposed room
  4. Comfort
  5. Look / appearance
  6. User weight

Function or type of mobility bed

Profiling and height adjustable mobility beds can help relieve a range of medical conditions from arthritis, rheumatism, and common back complaints as well as situations where a higher level of care is required.

Profiling Bed

An electric wood effect/metal or divan style mobility bed where both the head and feet sections of the bed have the ability to be raised or lowered. The leg section can be raised to prevent the user slipping down the bed. Available in 2ft 6, 3ft, 4ft, 4ft 6, 5ft or 6ft. Double beds available as one mattress with one electric function serving both sides of the bed, or as two individual mattresses with independent adjustment functions.

Height adjustable profiling bed

As per the Profiling bed but with added benefit of height adjustment. Ideal where care is being given by carers to allow for safe . Also helpful if standard sized beds are too high for the user to safely and independently transfer into/of the bed.

Location of sockets/power

If choosing an electric bed, consider the location of the bed to the nearest power socket. Try to ensure it is placed as nearby as possible and avoid extension leads as these can become trip hazards.

Location and space in proposed room

If care and or items such as hoists, over bed tables, commodes etc are to be used ensure that there is enough space to manoeuvre around the room with ease. Ensure the bed is not located next to a radiator to avoid contact between the user and a hot/cold radiator.


Consider how long the user will be spending in bed, what are they currently lying on – standard mattress, memory foam or a pressure relieving mattress, and do they currently have or had pressure sores? We have a range of mattresses that provide differing levels of support and pressure relief.

Look / appearance

Just because you are choosing a new bed, doesn’t mean that it should look out of place in your home and not match your current decor. It is possible, for example, to have a height adjustable profiling bed in a divan style as opposed to a wood effect or metal framed bed.

User weight

It is important to know your weight when looking for beds to ensure the best compatibility and that the maximum user weight limit is not exceeded.

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