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Choosing a mobility bed

Choosing a mobility bed is an important consideration, as sleeping is when the body rests, relaxes and recharges ready for the following day. Typically one spends one third of their lifetime in bed, so it is important to ensure that the mobility bed you choose is not only comfortable but is also appropriate for you and your needs. The most common areas of difficulty are:

  1. Sitting up in bed from a lying position
  2. Lifting legs into and out of the bed
  3. Positioning and turning in bed
  4. Slipping down the bed
  5. Bed height when care is necessary - often too low
  6. Standing up from the bed

There are a variety of mobility beds and mobility bed accessories that can help with these activities; there is a large range of products on display in our Evesham based showroom that you can try out.

Mobility bed accessories can be used in conjunction with your existing mobility bed and may result in you not needing to purchase a new mobility bed.

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