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Walking Sticks

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Rise Recline Chairs

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Equipment Rentals

Not every mobility problem requires a permanent solution. Whether you need a little help recovering from a hip operation or just need some equipment to take with you on your holidays, there are a wide variety of mobility rental options to get you what you need for as long as you need it without the expense of having to buy it outright.

At Indy we offer rental options for most things for varying periods of time according to your needs.


Crustches are available to hire on a daily basis. A lot of people find that it's useful to have a crutch around for when elderly or inferm relatives are visiting for a little extra piece of mind.


Like crutches our tri-walkers are available for rental on a day by day basis, ideal for providing for visiting friends and relative who might not have brought their own one.


Available for rental on either a full day or a half day basis our rollators are ideal for trips to the hospital or for providing a steady base for taking a relative out for the day.


As with our rollators you can rent a wheelchair from Indy for just half a day so if you have a hospital appointment to get to and just don't have the strength for it you can rent a wheelchair from us for the duration of your trip at a very reasonable price.

Mobility scooters

Our mobility scooters are available on a day to day basis and are perfect for those odd days out where you don't feel like you have the strength but need to keeep up with a group of friends. You can hire a scooter from us for a short a period as a day to as long as you need it.

Rise and recline chairs

Rise and recline chairs are ideal with helping you recover from a variety of illnesses but they are an expensive item that not everyone can afford. With renting you have the advantage of the benefits the chair supplies but without the strain on your wallet. Indy rents rise and recline chairs for periods of 1 week and longer.

High Backed Chairs

You might find after a major surgical proceedure or illness that the chair you have just isn't giving you the support you need while you heal. Similarly though you know that once you've finished healing you will probably not need the support so you are left with a dilemma. Fortunately with renting as an option you don't need to choose as you can rent a high back chair for a week or more for a reasonable price without needing to buy.

Profiling beds

It's a common problem that people often need a short term mobility solution but don't want the expense of buying something they won't need later. At Indy you can rent a profiling bed for a little as one week or for as long as you need. With beds we do however ask that you buy a mattress as we don't rent the matresses themselves due to isssues with soiling.

Money back guarantee

Everything we rent at Indy is also available to buy so if you find out that what you thought was a short term problem turns out to be a longer term need you can opt to buy it instead. If you do decide to buy then Indy will refund the cost of 1 weeks rental and take that off the cost of your purchase. Think of it as a flexible try before you buy scheme. There's obviously no obligation to buy but if you want to we're here to make it as easy as possible for you.

For more information on renting on of our mobility products, or to book a piece of equipment please call us on 01386 443857.