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Buying a disability chair

Consider what you want to do when in the chair, i.e. hobbies, watching TV etc. Do you want the chair to have any special features, for example, single or dual motor if looking at a rise/recline chair? Do you want padded armrests, wooden handgrips to assist with easier transfers in/out of chair, wings to rest head against whilst dozing, or neck pillows for added support? How about specialist pressure distributing cushion in seat, drop arms for side transfer, armcaps, hazard sensor device to detect obstacles and pets under the chair when raised or reclined, or heat and massage?

Required space

The majority of rise recline chairs require a minimum of 18” space to the back to recline fully. It is possible to reduce this to 4-5” by choosing a wall hugger chair. If being located near a fireplace or heater, ensure that the chair is not too close as this could pose as a fire hazard or seriously injure you, should you be sat in the chair and not notice the heat from your fire - resulting in serious burns, or heat irritation.

If choosing a rise recline chair, ensure there is enough from the back of the chair to the wall, so that the chair does not hit the wall when reclining. You need to ensure that the chair is not going to protrude into the room and become an obstacle in your pathway when walking around your room.

Disability chair comfort

Consider whether you would like padded armrests, a neck pillow for extra support, wings to the side of the chair back to rest your head on when dozing. If choosing a rise recline chair, consider the back type - for example do you want a waterfall/pillow back meaning complete flexibility in the comfort by adding or removing some of the filling in one, two or all three pillow sections? If selecting either a soft or firm flat back, it is advised to also include a removable neck pillow to ensure complete comfort when sitting/relaxing for long periods.


Just because you are choosing a new disability chair, doesn’t mean that it should look out of place in your home and not match your current decor. There are many different types, colours of fabrics, and styles available for your chair - from soft fabrics, such as velvets and chenilles, to water resistant anti-microbial fabrics to vinyl or leather.

Contact the mobility experts...

At Indy we have a selection of disability chairs for you to try. Due to the length of time you are likely to spend in your chair, either immediately or in the future, it is important to try the chair first and spend a minimum of 20 minutes sitting in the chair to ensure it is comfortable for you.

We actively encourage customers to bring a book or magazine with them or a friend/family member/so you can relax in the chair comfortably with a cup of tea and some biscuits and experience whether or not the chair is right for you.

Indy’s mobility team is made up of a full time Occupational Therapist and fully trained OTTA’s (Occupational Therapy Trusted Assessor). Indy does not sell chairs online and would advise that you consider very carefully before doing so as if bought online, you have not been assessed for the chair and could end up with a chair that does not fit you properly, which could be detrimental to your health .

The showroom on the Vale Business Park, Enterprise Way, Evesham.

Opening housrs are from 10am – 6pm Mon – Fri, 10am – 3pm Saturday, and by appointment only on Sundays. Should you have any questions please call our showroom on 01386 44 38 57.