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Catalogue Shopping With Indy

Mobility products catalogue

We like this internet malarky here at Indy, but as nice as it is to simply click and buy what you want, there is something that is still very satisfying about flipping through a paper catalogue and getting a good hands on look at all the things you can buy. Besides, not all our customers have access to the internet anyway and if they are anything like me they'll prefer to be able to circle things and leave the catalogue lying around in the hope that a kindly relative will take an unsubtle hint and buy it for me.

To that end we are proud to annouce that we've made a catalogue of mobility aids which is ideal for taking around to a relatives house or to the hospital after an operation and leafing through over a cup of tea trying to find out what they'd like for christmas or just letting them have a look to see what they might need for when they return home.

If you would like to request a copy of our catalogue to be sent to your home or the home of a relative please follow the link below and leave your contact details and the address you'd like it sent to and we'll pop one in the post as soon as possible.

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Alternatively you can download a .pdf copy of the catalogue right here to use on your tablet or phone.

Catalogue in PDF format