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Bathing Aids

Bathing aidsUsing a conventional bath is difficult for many people. Very often, getting out is a greater problem than getting in. Sometimes just washing is impossible. Fortunately there is a huge array of bathing aids to assist you when bathing or showering.

Our mobility shop has a wide selection of bathing aids to help with washing, for example long handled sponges and suction soapy soles for those who have difficulty bending, bathing aids for use in conjunction with a bath if you have an over-bath shower, for example shower boards or a swivel bather. We also have grab rails, bath boards, bath seats, bath steps and powered bath lifts.

Our showroom in Evesham is laid out so that bathing aids can be seen, tried and compared before purchase.

The combination of using a bath board and bath seat is an inexpensive way of accessing the bath with ease and will satisfy most needs. However some may prefer to use a battery powered lifting seat that will allow you to get to the bottom of the bath and be submerged in the water more so than you would be with the use of the bath board and bath seat.

Bathing aids information

Bath boards

Bath boards sit on top of the bath enabling you to sit on the board to lift your legs into the bath... more information about bath boards

Bath lifts

There are two main types of bath lift – motor driven and air pressure... more bath lift information

Bath seats

Bath seats provide a raised seat for those who wish to sit in or near to the water... find out more about bath seats

Bath steps

Bath steps assist in getting in and out of a bath or shower... find out more about bath steps

Grab rails

Grab rails can be used to assist you with transfers either with or without other items of equipment... find out more about grab rails

Non slip bath mats

Non slip bath mats are secured with suckers to the bottom of the bath or shower... more information about non slip bath mats