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Indy puts you first. Indy is about your independence and being able to choose the tools that will help give you freedom to your lifestyle. Indy offers this, and more...making sure that everything we supply is the best and most suitable…anywhere.

Occupational TherapistsThe Indy Vision

Indy is built on years of experience, with a team of dedicated, professional and motivated staff following the Badham family's motto of "Your Health Matters"

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Purpose Built Showroom

Indy at Evesham, a stunning new showroom aimed at those who want to be able to help themselves. Purpose built to allow customers to enjoy the excitement of a high street store with the benefit of professional advice from qualified Trusted Assessors. Indy has a number of indoor display areas including those for fashionable clothing, kitchen and bathroom equipment and a range of specially designed household gadgets.Outdoor Mobility Test Track

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See the full range of Indy products and buy online. Read full descriptions before making a decision or ring our in-house Occupational Therapists for advice.

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Outdoor Test Track

There's even a special outdoor test track with different surfaces, gradients and steps, where you can try out and compare different types of mobility scooters and walking aids.

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